This Is Serious

A muse on strike. Who’s ever heard of this?

‘Listen, Dave…’
‘I’m not talking to you anymore. You took away my blog.’ He turns away.
‘Don’t you think I’m sad about my own blog?’
‘I don’t care.’

To be honest, I can hardly get over closing my Olde Arte Blogge. But I had no choice. The things I do currently are so different from what is on that blog now, I’m already running a secret blog in another corner of WP (well, two actually). And caring for Dave’s blog, even with only one post per month, took some time after all. OK, not much, but with ten blogs of my own, every minute is precious. So I reduced them to eight which is still a lot.

He’s struggling as I try to sit him onto my lap and hits me with his baseball bat.
‘Leave me! I don’t want this!’
‘Listen, …’
‘I’m a muse. I need a blog.’
‘But you can always write posts for this blog.’
‘I want a blog of my own. Or I’ll be on strike.’

I think we’ve might have got a wee problem here. He’s trying to blackmail me, obviously.

Shall I give in?


3 thoughts on “This Is Serious

    • 😳
      Seems I underestimated him. I think I’ve got no choice but to let him blog again. He will have to wait two more weeks until my holiday, though.

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