Fixed! Friday 35

Welcome to the next part of Fixed! Friday.

No patchwork sewing during the last week, only some knitting and a lot of ofter things. I hope I’m lucky this weekend. If I find my favorite sewing needle again, that is. Yesterday I noticed it wasn’t in the place I thought I left it in.

Planetare Folklore II (Planetary Folklore #2)

I collaborate with the best designers only – in this case Victor Vasarély. 😉
The pattern comes from his ‘Planetary folklore’ period, Unity of form/colour (1962 – 1975), example VII 18 P. That’s what it said in the book.

This is the second and smaller version in some browns and pinks although in the picture it looks more like different greys.

Made between November 2006 and March 2010, 67 x 67 cms, 320 pieces

The first one was made in greens and greys/blacks and has faded in some areas because some of the fabrics weren’t colourfast. Dung.

Planetare Folklore 1 (1999)

Next week on Fixed! Friday: Rising Sun

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