Stashbusting – Fun With Folded Fabric Squares

Araucaria leaves

This has been on my agenda for quite a while. Some time ago I took some detail shots of an araucaria in the local botanical gardens. What I had in mind was a piece with folded fabric squares inspired by the layers of leaves. I have already chosen the fabrics.

But I need to gain some more practice in sewing with my machine – this is not a hand sewing project. So this morning I cut some 5 cms/2 ” squares from the leftover batiks from my ‘Baddies’ project and chose two others for the background, cutting them into 6 cms/2 3/8 ” wide strips.


From the squares I made prairie points, 55 in all.

Origami for beginners

I didn’t use them all, only 38 went into the piece.

The pyramids of The Boudoir

This is a good stashbuster, because a folded prairie point is made of four layers of fabric.

Well, this is just a humble sample. If you want to see real masterpieces, visit Ludmila Aristova’s site. She makes stunning pieces using various other techniques as well.


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