A Blackwork Designer, Me?

‘blackwork’ design, 1976

A couple of days ago I pulled out my old drawings. I was looking for a certain piece and found some sheets I had long forgotten about.

One of these was the one pictured above. To my surprise, it had a date on the back: February 1976 (some of my readers weren’t even born then, I guess). 🙂 Can you believe this – 37 years ago I was a blackwork designer – unaware of the fact that such a thing even existed. 😀 Look, I even put in some French knots.

There was a little scrap of the 12 ct Aida left and the jar of embroidery floss which I used in Avis’ blackwork SAL. So I made a little sample. Maybe I’ll add the French knots later. Still have to decide on the colour.

blackwork sample, 2013


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