Best Offers Between Here And Andromeda

Today I was waiting for Arnold to pick up his finished patchwork piece. A knock on the door. But that wasn’t Arnold.

It was a guy in a grey suit with a suitcase in his hand.

‘Good morning! Max Miller, Orion Insurance Company – Best offers between here and Andromeda. I was just doing business around here and saw your garage’, he said and handed me his business card.
Oh no, not now. Arnold could be here any minute.
‘Excuse me, Mr. Miller, this isn’t the usual kind of garage. And I’ve got an appointment with a customer right now.’
‘No problem, I’ve got a little spare time.’

That instant the door opened again. I heard someone swearing in a foreign language. In came Arnold with his face being a slightly darker blue than usual.

‘Some guy has parked his tin can diagonally across two parking spaces. I could hardly squeeze in my Smart car! Better park your car properly if you want to avoid dents and scratches. – Especially if you’re driving a 1970s Mercedes.’

The insurance guy looked surprised but caught himself quickly. ‘Um, I’m afraid that’s my car.’

‘Mr. Miller, Orion Insurance Company – Arnold’, I introduced them to each other.
‘A cup of coffee, gentlemen?’

While I was making coffee in the kitchen I overheard the Orion guy trying to sell a car liability insurance to Arnold.
‘No thank you, I don’t need one. I can’t afford your doubtless astronomical insurance fees anyway.’
‘The Orion Insurance Company has got the best offers between here and Andromeda.’ Mr. Miller sounded slightly offended.
‘Well then, that’s only a stone’s throw from here.’
‘Two and a half million light years are a stone’s throw?’
‘Yup. Next galaxy from here. Just around the corner.’

Arnold’s Batiks

Later I handed the completed piece to Arnold who stuffed it into his little box.
‘Well, goodbye then! See you next time.’
‘Bye-bye!’ he answered cheerily.

Off he went, happily humming. A short moment later there was the sound of bursting metal.

‘Arnold’s ship is made of reinforced material. Built-in automatic dent repair’, I told the Orion guy. ‘I hope you’ve got a good car insurance. And a good garage.’



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