Crossed Colour Bars – Panel 6

Only slow progress on my projects the last two weeks, I squeezed in small bits of work though. That is because I have been brave and started working again on decluttering The Boudoir aka The UFO Garage.

Last weekend my sister was helping with the book shelf – we managed to fill a couple of cardboard boxes with books I will definitely not read again. She knew about a charity supporting local projects. They hold an annual book flea market. And guess what? Two days later there was an ad in her local newspaper that they were looking for donations. Tomorrow they’ll be picking up the boxes.

I have now filled the empty space with my patchwork and craft books which were stacked in The Boudoir. The empty space there has been filled with some stuff I had temporarily stored in the hall. Now I’m working on all the paper-y stuff that I have collected. This will take me another while. But as my boss is on holiday for two more weeks, maybe I can squeeze in some crafty things at work. 😉

Which gets me to the subject of today’s post. I finished panel 6 of my Crossed Colour Bars project. Leaves only three more. 🙂

panel 6

To give you an idea how the finished piece might look like, here’s a first glimpse. This is not the final layout.

possible layout


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