Knitted Neckpieces

Neckpiece samples

As my idea of a knitted neckpiece inspired by the Sev(en)circle pattern by Kirsten Johnstone has now been knit into shape, this post is about inspiration.

I’ve tried out a couple of options. I’m not giving you a detailed how-to at this spot. But I’d love to challenge your own creativity, so here are some ideas.

Basic instructions
Cast on using your preferred method
– If you want a ‘knit’ surface: cast on 8 to 15 stitches, depending on the yarn you use, knit in stockinette/stocking stitch about 70 to 75 cms length. Garter stitch doesn’t work – it doesn’t curl up.
– If you want a ‘purl’ surface: cast on about 130 stitches (4 mm circular needle/US 6/UK 8) or more, according to yarn used, knit about 10 rows in the round (until it curls up)
Cast off, join ends using your favourite method – sew together or graft.

Now it’s playtime! Be your own designer
Experiment with a combination of knit/purl patterns
Knit as much rings as you like – even just one will look great done with the right yarn
Make the rings in different sizes, making them longer/shorter (or narrower/wider on circulars)
Knit one long strand, coil it up, sew ends together
Use various yarns – thick, thin, regular, novelty
Embellish the rings – buttons, beads, sequins, found objects, embroidery

You can always combine the rings anew – depending on whatever mood you’re in or what you’re wearing today, mix colours and material. Wear them individually or tie them together with some nice piece of lace, knit a separate ring to hold them together (in this case they will not be interchangeable) – you can even use some decorative hairclip. Sounds weird, but I’m sure it will look great.


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