Fixed! Friday 25

Welcome to today’s part of Fixed! Friday.

I admit that I’ve been a little lazy in the patchwork department during the last couple of weeks, preferring cross stitch and a lot of other activities. I can’t wait for my boss going on holiday in July, so there will be some spare time at the office to catch up with some projects.

As this is post #25 already, I was thinking of a little treat for you. Here are three for the price of one.

I used the same pattern on all of the three projects, reusing the paper templates. Block size is 5 cms/2 “.


Four fabrics form the Pointillist Palette collection, cut and sewn back together.

Made between February and May 2003 – 66 x 66 cms – 484 pieces – 57’15 hours of work

Hydrangea Garden

I then did the same with four hand-dyed fabrics. Looks quite different.

Made between September 2003 and September 2004 – 67 x 67 cms – 484 pieces – 58’35 hours of work

Batik 4/4

And again with some batiks, taken from a sample bag. I think there were four or five different sample pieces of each colourway.

Made between December 2005 and October 2007 – 59 x 59 cms – 484 pieces

Fixed! Friday is now taking a small break until the end of next month and will be back in August.



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    • I will be preparing some more FF posts during the break and schedule them so I can dedicate my Friday afternoons to real life again. 🙂

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