A Walk In The Woods


What do you think about wearing a sculpture?

Something I always wanted to do, I hear you say. No?

Well, I’m not thinking of some sculpture made of stone or metal or wood – that would be a little inconvenient, let alone for the weight of it.

I’m thinking of a knitted sculpture, made of some great yarn. Maybe inspired by one of your favourite topics or experiences or some great memory. Or something you saw somewhere.

Fungi and lichen

Like this branch with the little fungi and lichen on it. – Wait, I’ve got something similar in my stash. Some browns, the leftover yarn from knitting Dave, a green novelty yarn.

Inspired by the SevenCircle neckpiece I made earlier, I knit five rings from different novelty yarns. The flesh coloured sockyarn was perfect for crocheting little fungi. And two strands of perle cotton were the choice for crocheting some lichen.

The finished piece is modelled again by my dear friend George.

A Walk In The Woods, modelled by George

Some inspiration on knitted neckpieces to follow in my next post.


3 thoughts on “A Walk In The Woods

    • Be careful what you wish for. 😉 My problem is that my ideas multiply like rabbits. I just need to look at something and my funny old brain makes some weird connections between things. The above pictures ‘told’ me to make fungi. How? Use the ammonite pattern. And I wanted to play with the ‘Shiny Seven’ idea anyway. 🙂


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