Fixed! Friday 23

Welcome to the next part of Fixed! Friday.

Time flies. It’s my last day off work already, I’ll be back at the office on Monday. As usual, I probably will need an excavator to get through the wall of files that are piling up on my desk.

I’ve been busy mainly with cross stitching and did only a few stitches on my patchwork pieces, so no updates yet. Also spent two days at the local botanical gardens and came back with a lot of pictures (plus I had to type Teddy’s report for Jules Platt-Blog – in Low German, but with some cute pictures of my little lifelong friend and a slideshow).

Today’s choice:

Hoch gestapelt (Piled up high)

Hoch gestapelt (Piled up high)

The classic Baby Blocks pattern. My version comes in silks which were a bargain at the local IKEA’s. I bought the black silk for the front and back separately. No batting used as usual. When I looked at the finished piece, the blocks vaguely resembled the outline of the Bundesland (state) I live in. This was pure coincidence but gave me another idea for a possible future work. 🙂

detail shot

Made between April and October 2007. 70 x 89 cms, 291 pieces.

Next week on Fixed! Friday: O.T. (Gelbe Dreiecke) – Untitled (Yellow Triangles)


2 thoughts on “Fixed! Friday 23

    • Thank you – again. 🙂 Sorry to hear that you have to work on the weekend.
      I’m currently working on some ideas how to finish my UFOs & WIPs. Tricky. 😉

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