Mug Rugs

Mug rugs (WIP)

Recently, I came across a tutorial for making mug rugs, which are a great fashion currently. Normally, I wouldn’t do this – spend time and effort on making things I have no use for. But Avis’ tutorial on Oh Sew Tempting was exactly what it says on the tin – tempting. Plus, I had some leftover batting/wadding and this project gave me the opportunity to practice my sewing machine skills. Which are still a little poor. So I promised to try it. And I’m keeping my promises.

Now my Pile of Baddies enters the spotlight. There were some batik samples which were not the usual cotton fabric, but viscose. If you have used viscose already, you know how bad it behaves. The fabrics became the choice of the day. Then I decided to cut the batting into smaller pieces. It still was enough for six 15 cms/6″ squares.

After cutting the backing squares from the fabric, I randomly cut strips in different widths (only three left – a good advance estimate) and began to sew them together, following the tutorial.

The mug rugs need some squaring up now and then binding, which I’m planning to do later. This is a good portable project for my lunch breaks at work.

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