Fixed! Friday 21

Welcome! It’s Fixed! Friday again!

I’m a little late because today was my last working day before I take two weeks off work, so you can imagine how mental it was at the office. As everything had to be finished, I needed to work some overtime. Also, the weather forecast for tomorrow isn’t promising, so I took a spontaneous walk along the river again to calm down and to take some pictures, which I’ll be editing later.

Without further ado, here’s

Seerosenteich (Pond Lilies)

I was playing around with some templates from another project, Tulpenfeld (Tulip Fields) – look for a picture on the UFO Collection page – and made a test block in red, white and black. When looking at this block I noticed that it would make a stylized pond lily if the right colours were used.

As I always wanted to make a pond lilies quilt (or un-quilt in my case), I began to design buds,half open flowers and also fully open ones. In my collection, there were pictures of the usual white pond lilies, but also pink, yellow and red ones. All the fabrics come from my stash. Front and back were whipstitched together with invisible thread – if you ever used this, you know why it’s called ‘invisible’.

Made between December 2007 an August 2008. 94 x 81 cms. 774 pieces.

Next week on Fixed! Friday: Von Sonnenuntergang bis Sonnenaufgang (Sundown to Sunup)


4 thoughts on “Fixed! Friday 21

    • I was simply too lazy to make a ‘proper’ edge and this was a quick way to finish it. 🙂 Which makes it a little tricky to hang, I have to admit. 😉

  1. […] So today I proudly present my first finish, Tulip Field. Actually, it’s #5 in the UFO Lottery, I’ve skipped #4 for a short while. Just a small little un-quilt made from a block (or tile) I found in Jinny Beyer’s Tesselations. When the blocks came together in rows the pattern reminded me a little of Dutch tulip fields you often see pictured. I have used the same block and a flipped version of it to create the hexagon flower shapes for Pond Lilies. […]

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