Fixed! Friday 20

Welcome to today’s Fixed! Friday.

It’s another warm day around here, everything’s suddenly green, the plants and trees are in full bloom, and the fields and meadows are coloured yellow by rapeseed plants and dandelion, respectively. With another long weekend ahead – Whitsun Monday is a public holiday in Germany – I’m hoping to get some crafty things done.

Avis of Oh Sew Tempting has started a blackwork SAL today so I’m off to join soon. – I recommend to check this out if you love to stitch, too. – Never tried this before, but Dave the Muse is already working overtime – I say no more. 🙂 Gotta hurry, as tonight ‘Spies of Warsaw’ is on the telly and I want to finish the first part of the stitching before I enjoy this (again).

Etruria antica

Archeology was always one of my favourite interests although it got lost a little recently. Maybe it’s just covered under some layers of other things and will be dug out again in the future.

Etruria, as you may know, is the old word for the Tuscan region (Toscana/Tuscany). There are a lot of beautiful fabrics with a Tuscan feel on the market, I chose the ones I had in my stash and I think I bought some additional ones, too. I also found some fabrics from Makower’s Roma collection, a must have for an Archeology geek. (OK, I admit it, I’ve cheated a little and used one with an Egyptian pattern. Can you spot it?*)

detail shot

On this one, I was inspired by the floor mosaics you often find in ancient Roman villas. For the back I also used the red swirly mosaic fabric.

corner block

Made between March 2005 and October 2007 / 399 pieces / 96 x 96 cms

Next week on Fixed! Friday: Seerosenteich (Pond Lilies)

*the berries


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