Fixed! Friday 19

Welcome to the next part of Fixed! Friday.

It’s been a short working week for me as yesterday was a holiday (Ascension Day) and since Monday I’ve been working two hours less per day. This will be the case until my holiday break (soon, I hope – as soon as I find someone to fill in for two or three weeks – tricky). I’m looking forward to it because I’m dealing with some health issues at the moment. Nothing serious, but nasty, so I hope the two extra hours are helping to recover a little.

The new computer at work still needs a little ‘education’ but it seems that at least the new dictation module is working which will save a lot of time.

Today’s piece is not actually a patchwork piece as such. It’s called

Unterm Mikroskop (Under the microscope)

While cutting fabrics for another project I noticed that a lot of the fabrics in my stash had a pattern like they appear in samples under the microscope – textures, cells, crystals. I made a little display from some of them.

reverse appliqué, sashiko quilting

Sewn from cotton fabrics using the reverse appliqué technique, with some added fancy knitting yarns, sashiko quilted with multicoloured polyester quilting thread (no batting). Made between June and September 2004, size is 42 x 42 cms, time spent making was 24’50 hours.


Next week on Fixed! Friday: Etruria antica


4 thoughts on “Fixed! Friday 19

  1. Yet another work of art. Jule, you are so talented! You should be exhibiting your work in galleries. Every single piece is fabulous. Have a wonderful weekend. I hope you are feeling much better soon 🙂 Avis x


  2. *blushes and heads off the get some autograph cards printed – just in case* 😉 Avis, you’re always so kind to this budding artist that’s me. I still have a lot to learn.


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