Fixed! Friday 18

Welcome to Fixed! Friday again.

The week at the office was really mental. I’ve gotten a new computer but was in serious trouble with the new widescreen (as I predicted, but why listen to the stupid secretary?). I just couldn’t get a setting that allowed me to see the display properly. After swapping to my boss’ old screen, things look a little better now. Leaves me with the rest of the settings. Did I mention my experts forgot to copy my personal folders to the new computer? The old one is now sitting on the opposite desk for further use.

I’m posting a little later than usual today, because I went to take some pictures (Magnolias! Yay!). The weather being fine today, I spent a little more time walking than I had planned but got some great shots (240 pictures altogether).

Today it’s two for the price of one.

Challenge II

This is from a group challenge. Everyone got the same fat quarters of green and black faux unis, a big flower print, and pink/yellow stripes (Fassett?). I don’t remember if the red one came with this or if I took this from my stash. I cut the first four fabrics into strips and folded them in half lengthwise.

After marking the sewing lines on some base fabric, I pinned the strips in place and sewed them on by machine, as well as some prairie points made out of the red fabric. Finally, I sewed on stars secured by a little golden bead. The binding was done by hand.


A very quick project, made on March 8 & 9, 2008. Size is 50 x 50 cms.

This was so much fun that I made second one from white and blue fabrics and red prairie points.


Next week on Fixed! Friday: Unterm Mikroskop (Under the microscope)



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