Fixed! Friday 14

Here’s the next part of Fixed! Friday.

My boss, a lawyer, was on holiday this week, so I was in charge of the office. After a quick round of shopping for the weekend and a late lunch I’m now a little tired. I’ve brought home some plastic and jute yarns (it’s Garden Week at the local supermarket) which will go into some experimental crochet objects. Which reminds me of the fact that ‘Coral of the month’ is also due on my Olde Arte Blogge.

Coffee is ready now to enjoy. No music today, the new neighbors are redecorating their flat (their walls must look like a Swiss cheese by now from all the drilling). My other neighbor is making her usual ‘household noises’ which sounds like she’s wrecking the place. Well.

Here we go.

Kaleidoskop (Caleidoscope)

I took this pattern from Jinny Beyer’s book Designing Tesselations. It was only a very small line drawing somewhere on one of the pages, so I had to figure it out myself. Three kite-shaped blocks make a triangle, one side of which measures 10 cms. I love the effect of the overlapping shapes.

my hand drawn pattern

Made between October 2003 and February 2005 using cotton batiks, this one took 73’30 hours to make. Size is 55 x 65 cms, number of pieces is 648. The templates for this project were photocopied on standard paper (80 grams/sqm) instead of using thin cardboard as usual. This works well with smaller pieces and thin fabrics.

Next week on Fixed! Friday: Sternenhaufen (Star Cluster)

7 thoughts on “Fixed! Friday 14

    • Rundungen kann ich gar nicht. 🙂 Wer sich nicht vor Y-NĂ€hten fĂŒrchtet, bekommt das sogar mit der Maschine hin, mit grĂ¶ĂŸeren Teilen natĂŒrlich.


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