Playing With The Baddies – Again

I promised you I would not publish another top until Easter. Well, I was a good girl, kept away from my sewing machine most of the time, cleaned my place instead (OK, not totally voluntarily), finished knitting one of the scarves, basted the pieces of one of my secret projects and started doing the same on another. And I put up a new photoblog yesterday.

To reward myself for all this, and Easter being almost over (Easter Monday is a holiday in Germany), I thought I could risk a little sewing today and blog about it. After all, it’s not a finished top yet. 😉

Baddies – final layout

The 100 single blocks have now become 50 doubles, and as things go, when I pinned the doubles to make 25 four-square blocks, the last one didn’t fit.


It turned out I had stacked the last row of pairs upside down after pressing. Phew! Only five blocks to repin.


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