Mallards And Mondrian

Most of you may have heard the name of the Dutch painter Piet Mondrian or are at least familiar with his paintings. Now what has he got in common with mallard ducks, you may ask. Well, I’ll tell you about it.

I always wanted to do a project in the style of Mondrian’s paintings. Years ago I made some notes on a piece which would combine Mondrian’s style with that of another famous artist (I’m not telling who it is because it’s still on my to-do list).

Yesterday afternoon I was browsing WP and came across a nature photography blog with a picture of a flying mallard duck that was absolutely fascinating. Also that afternoon I had been visiting some art quilting sites.

‘Why not combine both?’ I heard Dave the Muse ask. (I have a growing suspicion that I’m always the one being blamed for her creativity – Dave) Some scraps in blue, green and yellow from my stash were quickly found, with some black, white and grey fabric added.

I’m going to guide you through my design process now. – No, I didn’t have a plan or rough sketch or something. Cut and sew as you go. Designing ditto.

As the blue, yellow and green strips were 10 cm wide (4″), I cut some 5 x 5 (2″) squares in five different colours, 24 in total. Another 24 squares from the grey fabric completed the first round of cutting. I sewed a coloured and a grey square into pairs, pressed them and scattered them randomly across my design board. Like this:

This is just a first and very rough idea and the layout will change during the process.

After measuring the pieces, I cut 24 rectangles 5 x 8.25 cms, joined them and pressed again.

No, that’s not working this way. The amount of the grey fabric is limited. Scale it down.

White is still missing. But do not overdo. Fixed.

Fill up the holes with the grey fabric. Done.

Now sew everything together and add black sashing.

I noticed that I have turned some of the blocks accidentally. I will unsew the seams in the bottom right area and sew them again. But not today.

Because I totally forgot about housework while playing around. Furthermore, it’s already getting dark. Also, the washing machine is calling me to hang up the clean clothes.

And then I’ll be putting my sewing machine and the ironing board to rest so there’ll be no more tops until, say, um, Easter. Promised.


2 thoughts on “Mallards And Mondrian

    • This was a very spontaneous thing. ‘Brave’ indeed. 😉 My other projects on The UFO Garage were designed very differently. Calculated and measured to the max.
      Thanks for following my blogs. 🙂


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