Fixed! Friday 11

Welcome to the next part of Fixed! Friday.

Had another day off and spent the morning in the Chaos Cuisine tidying up (failed), crocheted a basic coral from some raffia (work in progress) and cut some fabrics from one of my project bags (more work, some progress). Music: Cover to Cover by the Jeff Healey Band (Track 7: Stuck In The Middle With You 🙄 ). Heading over to The Boudoir in a few minutes for some more cutting and hopefully some sewing too.

Out of Africa IV

Another one made from the African-style strips I mentioned in FF10. To give you an idea, here’s a pic I found in my folder.

possible layout for African-style strip project

After taking the strip apart and the panel sewn, I went through my collection and found some matching glass beads. I used a sturdy cotton fabric for the front and back and a binding made of some yellow and brown batik.

beading detail

The panel is made of 165 pieces and finishing took me 23’45 hours between August and December 2003. The piece measures 68 x 69 cms.

Next week on Fixed! Friday: Isfahan


3 thoughts on “Fixed! Friday 11

    • I never noticed before, but you’re right. Dave is already working out some ideas. 😉 I’m having fun with one of my project bags, more to follow soon. Have a nice weekend too. 🙂


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