Fixed! Friday 10

Welcome to the next part of Fixed! Friday.

Today I almost went straight home after work, just a little shopping at the local delicatessen (aka Aldi) for the weekend. I’ve still got a little bit of sewing to do because I’m expecting a ‘customer’ on the weekend.

To get in the mood for this week’s project, I’ve put on a collection of songs called The Sound of Africa.

African Sashiko

The plan was this: Make a project of various African-style strips. After a while I gave this up because I didn’t like the design anymore. I took some of the strips apart and made small panels which I appliquéd onto backing fabrics. I combined them with various other stuff – on this one I used some Japanese sashiko quilting found in Kumiko Sudo’s Fabled Flowers. (Which reminds me – some great projects I wanted to do from that one, too.)

the panel made from the strips

Made between July and August 2003, this piece measures 51,5 x 64 cms. The panel is made of 120 pieces. Completing the project took 16’15 hours. The fabrics are cottons and a cotton/polyester blend for the back (a lighter green than the front), and I used perle cotton for the sashiko and hemming.

sashiko ‘quilting’

If you look closely, you might notice I used the green fabric from the wrong side. A little accident while cutting the fabric, as it sometimes happens. 🙂


Next week on Fixed! Friday: Out Of Africa IV


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