Fixed! Friday 09

Welcome to this week’s Fixed! Friday.

The sun has been shining all day today. I went to the Old Botanical Gardens as I had a day off and brought home a couple of pretty pictures. De Brillenslang has already posted some of them, others will be used for Details, starting on Tuesday Monday. The city was pretty busy when I went home – I had forgotten that this year’s spring fair started yesterday. There are pirates, musicians, merchants and craftsmen in town. Even Lady Godiva and Peeping Tom have come over from Coventry to take part in the festivities.

No time for the sofa today, I’m over at The Boudoir creating a mini-quilt from the leftover scraps of the Disappearing Nine-Patch project. Sew, press, cut, sew, press …

Here is one of my favourite pieces.

Korallenriff (Coral Reef)

From Grünbaum/Shephard (of course). The pattern was tempting because it doesn’t look quite easy to make. ‘How does this work?’ and ‘Does this work at all?’

Blue fabrics at the top for the water
Below the surface there’s still enough light to make green plants grow
A little further down the colourful corals are still visible
Until the light vanishes and the colours fade

beading, detail shot

I used clear blue and white beads at the top for the water and the foam; and golden and beige beads below for the sand. The beads in the middle are oxygen bubbles produced by the plants.

beading, detail shot

A relative quick project after working out the pattern, made between August 2000 and April 2001. Finished size is 106 x 109 cms. I needed 180 pieces for the patchwork made of cotton batiks. Because of the beading I used a thin polyester batting/wadding this time.

I’ve got a second project on the go with similar pieces which are a lot smaller. More about this in some future post.

Next week on Fixed! Friday: African Sashiko


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  1. Faszinierend. Verrätst du uns auch, wie du die einzelnen Teile zusammengesetzt hast? Sehr gelungene Farbgebung!

    • Tja, so genau weiß ich das gar nicht mehr. 😳 Ich meine mich aber zu erinnern, daß ich aus drei Teilen so eine Art “Eiswaffeltüte” genäht habe.

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