Beginner’s Luck

Yes, I know. This blog is meant for finishing things, not for beginning new ones.

But there was one thing on my mind for a couple of days now that kept nagging me. So today I had to give in and went over to Avis’ Disappearing Nine-Patch Tutorial. I had no choice.

After a quick search I found some fabrics I had already put together for another project. Some batik samples I bought at the Dutch fabric market a while ago.

I transformed the measurement from 10″ to 25 cms – not much of a difference – and cut some squares. And now *trumpets* I got out my sewing machine. Yes, you’ve got that right.

After pinning the pieces together I lowered the presser foot and very carefully began to sew.

my first block

And my batiks didn’t let me down. Look, I managed to match the corners for the first time.

I did it!

I hope this isn’t just beginner’s luck. 😉

the first four blocks


4 thoughts on “Beginner’s Luck

  1. Very nice! You did a great job. Your fabrics are gorgeous. I’m pleased the tutorial worked. I assume you are pressing your seams in opposite directions and then butting them up against each other to sew the next seam. When sewing this next seam, It is a good idea to have the top seam pressed away from you as you feed your work through the machine. That way, the feed dogs grab the bottom fabric and ensure a good match. I hope this makes sense! Thanks again for all your help today 🙂 Avis x

    • Thank you very much for this hint, I will try this tomorrow. 🙂 I have been cutting some more squares, amazing how much fabric goes into this compared to my other stuff. This really is a fine project to use up the pile labelled ‘for experimenting’. Have a nice Sunday. Jule

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