Fixed! Friday 08

It’s Fixed! Friday again.

We’ve been having snow showers all day – tiny little crumbs of snow. Temperatures are slightly above freezing point but the chill of the damp air is creeping in through every buttonhole. I’m glad I’m home now, comfy on the sofa, with a tall mug of coffee and some marzipan eggs (Yum!), and Del Amitri’s Waking Hours in the player (and an idea for some little piece of nonsense for Spontaneous Vegetation, which will be posted already as you’re reading this).

Time to begin.

Polygon 2

The third one in the damast series, I used a combination of the pattern from Polygon and the colour scheme and leftover scraps from Last Wave.

Polygon 2 detail

This one has a special meaning to me. While I was sewing this it occurred to me that it could be telling the story of a certain guy, whose both sides of his personality are held together by the love for his woman (the red patches). At about the time I began to design this, he had to undergo an open heart surgery, of which I only learned some time later. So this red line could as well symbolize the scar left.

damast fabrics detail

Made between May 2005 and August 2008, size is 93 x 93 cms. 400 pieces were sewn together and the center piece is appliquéd to the backing fabric. On the rim I did some hemming* again with variegated perle cotton.

*hemming: fold the front and back fabrics to the inside, then ‘quilt’ together without using a binding

Next week on Fixed! Friday: Korallenriff (Coral reef)


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