‘Breakdance’ project finished

It’s done! My first finished patchwork piece after two years’ time.

I’ve started with this hoping to turn the ugly duckling into a beautiful swan. Decide for yourselves if I managed. I think it turned out quite decent.

Started in November 2007, I finished it yesterday. This was on my design wall for quite a while because of me being indecisive about the colour placement. The block design comes from my favourite book again – Tilings & Patterns (I think I mentioned it before once or twice 😉 ). I was surprised when I calculated the number of pieces – 2,196 – I didn’t expect such a big number. The finished size is 59 x 97 cms. As you may have noticed already, I’ve used my beloved ‘crash fabrics’ again. It is completely sewn by hand using the English paper piecing technique, although I can’t tell how many hours it took because I don’t record this anymore (I did for a while). But to give you some clue – basting one block was about 30 minutes, piecing between 30 and 40 minutes.

I feel encouraged by your support ♥ (and Dave’s threats), hoping this year will see some more completed works.

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