Fixed! Friday 07

Welcome to Pt. 7 of Fixed! Friday.

Finally I’m back from a trip into town getting some flowers for my sister’s birthday tomorrow. Of course they didn’t have what I wanted (Improvise!), then the bus got stuck (someone had been playing Parking for Beginners), the water at home isn’t running properly (already had a shower with my clothes on because of air in the water), the computer needs a wee minutie to start (configuration after update), and my feet are aching. With a mug of coffee and a bar of peppermint filled chocolate I have taken my usual place on the sofa, listening to the Australian band Cold Chisel and their 1998 album The Last Wave of Summer, the title track of which provided the name for today’s project. The lyrics can be found here.

Ok, I’m already late, so let’s waste no time. Here’s

Last Wave Of Summer

I used hand-dyed cotton damast/damask fabrics which came in 62 colours – another bargain bought along with the fabrics used for last week’s piece. This set had enough fabric for two un-quilts. The two red ones and the white one were bought separately.

You may recognise the pattern – Arnold also used this for his ‘shirts’ patchwork.

on the pinboard

I think the colours match the song perfectly – the pale green and the yellows are like the colours of the dried grass and weeds at the end of the summer. ‘There’s a cold winter coming’ – white and blue.
Red because it’s a love song.

737 pieces were sewn together and appliquéd onto a dark blue cotton background in 120 hours. This piece measures 130 x 130 cms and was made between June 2002 and April 2003.

detail shot of fabrics

Next week on Fixed! Friday: Polygon II


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    • I would have loved to have a better picture of the finished piece, but it’s too big to fit my currently available space. 😦 Have a great weekend too. 🙂

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