Knitting Dave – Pt. 1

Dave the Muse – never lets go of his beloved baseball bat

As you already know by now, Dave, my muse, had insisted on becoming visible. To avoid being hit with his baseball bat, I had no choice but to pick up the needles and knit him.

Making Dave, I started with the glasses. Yup. You see, he wanted a pair of glasses. For the cool look. There was only this one model for sale. So their size determined the size of my muse’s head. I even made a tension sample this time.

The body is simply knit in the round on dpns. I found a pattern for a pair of teddy bear trousers which I used for the lower part of the body as well as for the jeans. Then I knitted the feet according to a sock pattern I found. They had to fit the little pair of trainers, of course.

For the arms I used a provisional cast-on and knit from top down to the hands. Then I unpicked the provisional cast on and knit another heel from the sock pattern for the shoulders.

Have you ever knit a nose? Nor me. It knitted itself. Seriously. I was only holding the dpns.

Maybe the way I went to work is a little unusual, faithful reader. Decide for yourself.

Because of some limitations in the material available, I couldn’t knit Dave exactly like he first suggested. Of course, this led to some discussion. Here are a few examples.

Green eyes. I wanted green eyes. Not blue ones. –
They don’t sell them anymore. Only green cat eyes. These are a little spooky even for a doll, don’t you think?
– OK, I have to admit that. –

Eek, what kind of hair is this? I look like a squirrel. –
Wild hair, as requested. I couldn’t get some other fancy knitting yarn during the summer, so I had to take some from my stash. Or would you rather be bald?
– Nooo, but … –
Of course, I could make one of those silly base ball hats for you to cover it.
– Don’t. –

– Where’s the scruff? –
Well, I’ve got some matching yarn in my stash, but using this will make a proper beard. Are you sure you want one?
– Hm. I’ll think about that. Maybe later. –

I still need to finish his jacket and sew the cool scarf.

Read more in Knitting Dave – Pt. 2 soon.


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