Where Is Your Muse When You Need Him?

Magenta Madness material

The other day I pulled out an old project of mine of which I wasn’t sure what to do with it. I had various ideas but none of them really pleased me.

Dave! Hello! Are you there? I need your help.
– Not now! I’m busy! –
(What?) Where are you?
– Doesn’t matter. –

Sounds like he’s over at The Boudoir again. (heads over) Look at that. Am I dreaming?

What are you doing there?
– Just looking. –
You’re never ‘just looking’. – I need your help with this one. Magenta Madness is what I used to call it.
– (mumbles) Aptly named. –
You know, I dislike the colour, so I put everything into this bag to use it in one project only. I’ve made a couple of sketches already but the ideas don’t fit together.
– Then make them fit. –
(He has climbed down from his little step and is examining the next drawer.)

Are you listening to me?
– Sure. Don’t fit.
Any ideas?
– No. –
– How can a non-existing idea be great? (proceeds to examine the next drawer) I don’t care what you do with that stuff. Use it for the book project if you like. – Oh, look … strips! –

This is incredible. I hope your muse is a little more cooperative.


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