Fixed! Friday 04

Welcome back to another Fixed! Friday.

As I had a day off work today, I went to shop for some storage containers for the UFO Garage (aka The Boudoir). So if you saw a pile of translucent boxes with a pair of legs sticking out underneath walking the streets – yes, that was probably me. Anyway, I’m home now, and after filling some of the boxes already I’m in my corner of the sofa as usual. With a steaming mug of coffee on the table, I’m trying some new cake – chocolate with an apricot filling. Blasting through the speakers are Dan Baird’s Love Songs For The Hearing Impaired.

Shall we begin?

Kairo (Cairo)

The pattern is from the prayer niche in the mausoleum of Qalawun in Cairo, erected 1284/85. I found a picture in a book about Islamic art. If I see something like this I’m instantly hooked.

No need for designing the templates this time, as they are already provided by the artist/s who made the tiling. Just a little drawing and cutting. Using my beloved ‘crash fabrics’ again, this is the fifth project made from them.

Made between January 2002 and January 2003, this piece measures 69 x 77 cms, is sewn from 570 pieces and took 59’15 hours to make.

Next week on Fixed! Friday: Arabische Fliesen (Arabian tiles)


2 thoughts on “Fixed! Friday 04

    • I’ve chosen this because it could be easily made and tried to use the colors from the mosaic, more or less. This one’s using not the usual color scheme normally found in Islamic art.
      Thanks for following. Greetings to Spain from Germany, Jule 🙂


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