Re-organizing The Boudoir

We left The Boudoir in a state of being ‘slightly unorganized’. After Dave had been complaining, I had to do some cleaning up.

It’s now a couple of weeks later. I have taken half of the things out of The Boudoir now and spread them all across the rest of my little flat wherever there was a little space left. My vacuum cleaner is working overtime. Because of all that dust I had to wipe my glasses repeatedly. I’m taking a little break now. The new quilting magazine has just arrived.

But I feel slightly distracted. There are strange noises coming from the direction of The Boudoir.


(noises continue, sounding like someone is opening and closing drawers and boxes, searching through plastic bags etc., mumbling to himself)

What is going on there? I’m going to take a look. (walks over to The Boudoir)

Oh no.

– Hi! –
What are you doing there?
– I’m looking for inspiration. –
If I’m not totally wrong, you have found some already. –
– (he purrs happily) –

As it says on the tin: textile surprises from the bedroom. And what a textile surprise he is.

My muse is using the knitted image of himself as an actual body. What a little knave! I knew he was into something when he asked me to knit him.

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