The Impossible Task

decorative stitch sample

What’s up for 2013? Well, I’ve got a long list of ideas and possible projects. And you never know what kind of stuff Dave, my muse, might come up with.

My first aim is to finish my 50+ patchwork projects aka UFOs. I’ve started blogging about this already on my freshly renovated blog. Currently there are five projects left that need piecing to make a top. After finishing them all of my UFOs will get borders and a back.

The Boudoir is still in a state of mayhem and therefore in an urgent need to be cleaned up. I need to know where everything is to finish my projects. I’m afraid I’ll make some new discoveries.

I’m so wanting to use all my collected bits and pieces – beads, buttons, lace, all those everyday things to recycle for art purposes. I’ve got a plan about this. You may know I’m a lawyer’s secretary. At the office, there were some old and out-of-date collections of German law texts that could go. Well, they did but after taking out all the pages I took the empty spines home. My idea is to make covers and pages and turn them into fabric books. This would give me an opportunity to work on a small scale and I could use up some of my fabric scraps, test swatches and embellishments and maybe even try out some new techniques. I will tell you a little bit more about this in a future post.

There are also three scarves left to be finished as well as a couple of Günnis and DaveyDolls that demand to be knit. And some corals to be crocheted. And some cross stitch portraits of a tall skinny Scottish bloke to be made.

What do I hear you say – This is an impossible task? Not impossible, just improbable.

Well, I’m off to work on this. Let’s see where I am in a year’s time.

decorative stitch sample


2 thoughts on “The Impossible Task

  1. I wish I had a machine that would do nice stitches. There are so many lovely threads to use on a machine these days. I love the coppery brown piece at the top 🙂 Watching your progress with interest! Avis x


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