Fixed! Friday – 2

Welcome back to Fixed! Friday. Comfy again on my sofa with a cup of coffee next to me, dipping in some crunchy leftover Christmas Spekulatius (traditional German kind of advent/Christmas cookies). Dave is watching me from his corner of the couch. On my CD player today: No Plans by Cold Chisel. This rocks!

So – everythings ready for today’s second part. As our beloved WP reader has undergone some slight changes, I hope enough of my post shows up to get you interested. Make yourself comfortable in front of your screen. Here is –

Waben (Honeycomb)

This is the second piece in the ‘crash’ fabric series which was inspired by a TV programme. They were showing a honeycomb lit from the back so you could see the two layers and how they were interlocking. I’ve found a picture in a magazine to show the effect (see centre of the picture).

I’ve made a sketch in the original size, the length of the sides of the black diamonds is 2.5 cms/approx. 1 “. Also, there are hexagons in two different sizes. The dotted lines indicate the sewing lines between the pieces.

Made between September 1996 and November 1999, it took 86’40 hours to sew. Size is 69 x 70 cms, number of pieces: 707. The red fabric has also been used for the back.

Next week on Fixed! Friday: LPP42-13

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