Blue Tiles


By Martin ‘The Martian’ McIntyre for The Meteorite News

Broome, WA – An alien spaceship has crash landed on the coast of Western Australia at Gantheaume Point near Broome. Eye witnesses described hearing a loud bang and seeing a giant fireball. ‘I thought doomsday had finally come,’ said one of the locals, who wants to remain unnamed.

According to the local police forces, no survivors were found. The spaceship has been totally destroyed. Only a few remains can still be seen on location, waiting to be examined by experts who are on their way to the crash site.

A couple of strange footsteps leading into the sea were detected. The authorities denied any ‘alien’ origin, stating that they belong to dinosaurs which left them there in prehistorical times. ♦

Reconstructing the pattern

fragment on crash site

After experts had given the remains a closer examination this photo was sent to German UFO collector/mechanic Jule who identified the fragment as belonging to the pool area ‘or maybe even the bathroom. – Sturdy little thing, hm? Not exactly plaster board.’ she commented. Her attempts to reconstruct the pattern were successful. Here’s a short résumé of her research so far.

‘When I began to reconstruct the pattern a first look showed a 7 x 8 unit repeat of the pattern, which is a little unusual. Further examination of the adjoining areas where some of the tiles only left marks revealed a more familiar 8 x 8 grid. Obviously the alien tiler had to work his way around a smaller gap.’

8 x 88 x 8

8 x 7

‘Starting with the smallest tile, I determined the length of its side as 1 unit. The other tiles were 1 x 2 and 2 x 2 units, respectively.’

the reconstructed tiling, split up into units for sewing

‘I will make a sample of 5 x 5 blocks using various blue batik fabrics. Working with an unit length of 2 cms, the finished piece will be approximately 80 cms square.

finished block

24 blocks finished


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