It’s Fixed! Friday

I’ve made myself comfy on the sofa/settee/couch after getting soaked on my way home. Outside it’s still raining cats and dogs. Next to me I’ve got a thermos full of tea, some leftover Christmas chocolates (yes, such things do exist) and my last cinnamon scented candle is spreading it’s warm light. And I’ve put some soothing music on – Away Again by Mikael Rickfors.

Welcome to my first Fixed! Friday.

As I already mentioned in my last post, the archive pages with all of my works are no longer publicly visible – I’ve set them to ‘private’. But I’ve decided to pull out the best bits one by one and give you some more information on the pieces than was available before. So every Friday I will write about one piece – the fabrics used, my inspiration, maybe share some design sketches or detail photos in case I took any.

Let’s start with some pieces made from some of my favourite cotton fabrics. I call them ‘crash’ fabrics because of the printed pattern and because I don’t know their real name.

Würfel (Cubes)

This is an original pattern, the first one in a row made from the so-called ‘crash’ fabric. As far as I remember I saw this pattern in a book and made a sketch. This was back in 1989.

I remember buying the pad I sketched the pattern on. A well-known local stationery shop in the heart of town. I asked the saleswoman for a pad with 60° isometric triangles. At the end of the 80s this was still sometimes used for drawing in technical education, but the golden age of CAD had already begun. For a second she looked at me as if she was going to call the police, obviously thought of it again and went down to the basement from where she produced the pad. I’ve still got a couple of sheets left. With no hope of a replacement in sight I’m lovingly caring for them.

I started sewing in April 1996 and finished the piece in September 1997. The size is 70 x 72 cms, number of pieces is 611. It took 87.5 hours to make, using the English paper piecing technique. It is unquilted, as my pieces usually are, and there’s no batting/wadding.

Looking forward to your comments. Maybe you made this or a similar pattern, too.

Next week on Fixed! Friday: Waben (Honeycomb)


6 thoughts on “It’s Fixed! Friday

  1. Hi Jule, wellcome back! I missed you. And I didn’t recognize your blog in my reader until I saw “The UFO Collection”. Nice change though, extraordinary. Greetings from Vienna!


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