Shiny Seven

Here’s another textile surprise from The Boudoir. Finished yesterday night – it’s still warm, so to speak. I’m posting this here, as my art blog is currently under reconstruction. Work is making good progress on both blogs – the patchwork blog is nearly done -, so they might be back online earlier than everyone was expecting – including myself.

Recently I posted about that shiny yarn I found again. I had seven cones in different colourways waiting for a new life as a work of art. With the emerald green one I had already tried to make a cord using a knitting doll but wasn’t satisfied with the result so I unraveled it. On Ravelry I found the Sev(en)circle pattern by Kirsten Johnstone. Bingo! (OK, not really, I had tried that one already with a nice red sock yarn but had some trouble with the needles used and unraveled that one, too.)

The brown yarn in the first ring didn’t work very well. Although the yarn on the cone seems alright it begins to split up as soon as you’ve got it on your index finger and needle. It got better from the second ring onwards but still demanded some attention. The pattern itself was merely a piece of mindless knitting.

Let’s see what my muse is thinking.

Hi, Dave!
– Hi! Oh, finished. –
Yes, this is my newest ‘work of art’.
– I wondered. I watched you knitting. –
So what do you think?
– It’s, eh, interesting. –
– Looks like an entangled cephalopod to me. –
I’m glad you didn’t say intestines like the lady on Ravelry. Although she was probably right, because she had used pink yarn.
– Eek! This sounds yucky! –
– Eh, and what is this supposed to be? –
A decorative neckpiece. Stylish and trendy.
– You mean you are going to wear this? –
– Oh. –
You don’t like it, right?
– Weeelllllll … –
I’m going to wear it anyway. And – I’ve got half of the yarn still left.
– Goodness me! You’re not going to … –
Yes, I am.

Shiny Seven modelled by George

I’ve already got an idea. As I didn’t like the back where all the rings are knit together, I’m going to make separate rings next time. Mixing various yarns also sounds like a fine option. Actually, in my old scrapbook I found a sketch of something similar with fabric rings. Hmm. I might even try some embellishing.


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