Way too many ideas

Sample of machine embroidery

On posting this, I’ve noticed that my last post (Edit: on From The Boudoir) was one month ago. Sorry I’ve neglected you but I’m currently drowning in ideas my little friend Dave the muse is giving me. Apart from the fact that he’s been sending me off to take pictures for his photoblog. Time to have a word with him, I suppose.

Hi, Dave.
– Hiya! –
Can I have a word with you?
– Oh – something serious? –
Sort of. It’s about all your ideas. Your way too many ideas.
– But having ideas is my job. –
Which you are doing perfectly well. And that’s exactly the point. Don’t get me wrong, I like all the stuff and projects you make me do. But I would love to explore a couple of them more deeply and I’ve got to finish all the ‘works in progress’ I’ve got lying around The Boudoir. I’m planning to finish my patchwork UFOs next year. I want to finish knitting the scarves. Teddy needs a new sweater. I’ve got a couple of plastic bags with yarns waiting to be made into corals. Some cross stitch projects are waiting to be made. Paper art, photo ideas, textile art – I stopped de-cluttering The Boudoir because of all this. And last but not least, I still have to knit the other half of your jacket. I’m not complaining, but besides of all this, I’ve got a full-time job at the office. I can hardly tell my boss I’m taking six months off to pursue my crafting and would he please pay me anyway.
– OK, mentioning my jacket made the point. What do you expect me to do about it? –
I don’t know. I can’t stop you from having ideas, can I?
– No, not really. But wait – aren’t you on holiday? You could use the time for catching up. –
Are you kidding? It’s only two weeks, not two years.
– Eh, hmm, in this case … –
You better have some idea about this as well, my little creative friend. The sooner, the better.


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