Another month gone by …

I realized this with some awe. I was so busy doing and making all kinds of things, taking pictures on walks through my hometown, tried to cope with all the work at the office. I totally forgot about blogging here.

Above is another treasure from The Boudoir. Seven cones in different colours from the box of leftovers at the local yarn store, bought a while ago. I had almost forgotten about them. The yarn is called Pierrot and is made of 100 per cent viscose. As you can see, it is very shiny and looks and feels a little like plastic. Handwash and no ironing, so perhaps something for some little art-y stuff. The label doesn’t tell me the needle size, but I estimate it’s about 4 – 5 mm (6 – 8 US, 8 – 6 UK, hook G or H). Let’s see if Ravelry have got it in their yarn database. – No, not yet. I’m going to add it later after finding out the correct gauge.

I had already tried to make a cord using a knitting doll, but unravelled it because I didn’t like it.

💡Just had an idea what to do with it. Hmm… 🙂


4 thoughts on “Another month gone by …

  1. I’m currently knitting a pattern I found on Ravelry, Sev(en)circle, with each loop in a different colour. I’m not quite sure yet if there’ll be leftovers. Making cords sounds good. 🙂

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