Wool Fever And Kamikaze Pilots

Dave must have caught the knitting bug and is suffering from wool fever. I’ve got no other explanation for what’s going on currently. My place – meant to be cleaned up – is overflowing with new skeins of wool. I’m a regular at the local yarn store. Not that I want to go there. Something makes me. Or is it ‘someone’? (thoughtful look in Dave’s direction)

Two weeks ago on Friday I came home with six new skeins of sockwool. S-i-x. Apart from nine balls of a beautiful light blue-green yarn. The week before I had been knitting a scarf from a pattern I found on Ravelry. Now I’m in the middle of knitting the second one.

The strange thing about it is: I usually knit little more than the dolls I’m notorious for. Even stranger: I’m knitting on the bus on my way home.

I’m riding on the local #2 line between suburbs. This line is run by a taxi company. Their drivers obviously not only have got a licence to drive a bus. They’ve also got a licence to kill. They seem to have been trained as kamikaze pilots. So it’s a bit of a rough ride at times. Did I mention that on the bus the gears seem to be broken? Which makes the whole bus shake with every gear change. So knitting on the #2 can be tricky business. But I haven’t dropped one stitch yet from my circulars.

P.S. Just bought two new skeins of multicolured sockwool.


2 thoughts on “Wool Fever And Kamikaze Pilots

  1. I love sock wool. I’m always tempted to buy some but never do. I always wonder whether the socks would actually stay up and whether they would wash OK in the machine. I couldn’t bear all of that fine knitting to be wasted 🙂

  2. I discovered my love for sock wool only recently. All those beautiful colours! But I wouldn’t dare to knit socks from it. Too scratchy. Suppose I will need to wear a turtle neck with my new scarves. 🙂

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