How To Draw An Invisible Muse

– Hi! Dave here! –
Hi Dave! How are you?
– Fine. I was wondering about some things we talked about recently… Can you do me a favour? –
Sure. What is it?
– Can you draw me? –
But you’re invisible.
– I know. Still. Can you draw me? –
But even you don’t know how you look like. You told me.
– Yes, but I thought about it. How I would love to look like. –
Which would be?
– Oh, eh, tall … thin … I want cool  clothes. –
– Sneakers, jeans and a leather jacket. With a scarf. –
– Yes, and a pair of glasses like the guy on the poster in your Boudoir. He reminds me of
(confidential whisper)  
(blushes)  Yes, that’s him. Er-hem.  I didn’t know you need glasses.
– I don’t, but they look cool.  –
– Green eyes. And wild hair. I love  wild hair. And can you draw a bit of a scruff, please? –
You know exactly what you want, right?
– Yup. –
OK then, but I’m rubbish at drawing people. Or muses.
– Knit me, then. –
Knit you?
– Come on! If you can knit those litte dolls, you can knit me. –
Will this do any harm? Remember the story of the little mermaid.
– No, no, not at all. –
Are you sure?
– Yes, absolutely. –
– Please! –

I have the strange feeling, faithful reader, that he’s into something. Something consequential. I could be wrong, of course …

(I almost forgot. He suggested some more machine stitching. But – my sewing machine suddenly changed into her ‘female teenager’ mood and declined services. I disassembled ‘her’, cleaned her, reassembled her. Tried some stitching. Disassembled her, cleaned her some more, reassembled her. Even cursed her. To sum it up: I’ll have to finish the piece shown below later.)

(work in progress)


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