Sorry For The Inconveniences

I’m a collector. I collect any kind of stuff. I have given up hunting, though. There’s no need to. Because stuff finds me. Without fail.

My collections include beads, buttons, fabrics, found objects, laces, threads, yarns, zippers. Apart from books, CDs, DVDs, records (yes, I’ve still got them). And all kinds of other stuff.

Bur now I’m clearly in need to reorganize The Boudoir. Even Dave has been complaining. ‘How am I going to I find inspiration if I can’t find anything? When are you going to clean up this mess? All that dust makes me cough. Look, I have written my name into it.’

And he’s definitely right. Lately The Boudoir has been in the state of a slight mess (read: looks like there has been an explosion of some kind). Problem is: my place is filled up to the roof (well, that’s actually where I live – third floor, top deck).

Next problem: I tend to put new things or something that I’ve just been using onto the next pile that doesn’t already threaten to collapse. Meaning that each of the piles contains something of everything. I’m good at making piles. (nods)

To make it worse, I’m working full time, so I have only about a maximum of two hours per day to get something done. And – to sort things I would at least need some cleared space to begin with. Tricky.

For this reason, I will take a break from blogging on From The Boudoir during the next few weeks. As everyone else too seem to have gone into hibernation, there won’t be much damage done anyway. In fact, under these weather conditions it seems to be the most sensible thing to do.

Maybe there will be the odd post, though. Some drafts have already made their way onto my computer’s hard drive.

Regular services will be resumed as soon as possible, as they say.

Wish me luck, faithful reader.


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