Lines And Dots

A couple of days ago I pulled my red SuperKnitter cape out of the closet and put it on. Then I started a new and yet top secret project. I was making pretty progress – until yesterday evening when I hurt my index finger. No knitting, no stitching, no nothing. Dung. (Even typing’s still tricky.)

So I considered Dave’s suggestion from yesterday’s post. Yes, machine sewing would work. This morning, I went through my two drawers full (and I mean ‘full’ in its very sense) of beautiful and not so beautiful batiks and sorted out the latter. I added them to my pile of put-aside fabrics. There were some leftover scraps of batting from an old project as well which I cut up into postcard and double postcard sized pieces.

After so much exhausting work I needed a rest and went to the German-Dutch fabric market which was held at Town Hall Square today. I bought some unusual buttons and a stencil with letters. Also in my bag I later found one meter of decorator’s fabric with a London map print. Ask Dave how it got there and what I’m going to do with it. I don’t know.

Back home. It’s raining cats and dogs now and we’ve got the second thunderstorm already. Time to get to work on some samples.

The first little piece is promising (see above). A scrap of fabric for the back, some batting and another scrap of some hard to handle batik fabric for the top. The stitching also gave me a quilted effect.

I think I should thank the unknown artist for the graffiti on the box. It’s standing next to the bus stop where I admire it every morning. I always loved it and was often thinking of using it in some way to make it into a little piece of art of my own.


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