How Do You Shave When You’re Invisible?

When Dave called the other day to surprise me with another idea of his, I asked him about something that had been on my mind for a while.

Dave, before we start, may I ask you a question?
– Sure. What is it? –
How do you look like?
– I don’t know. –
What do you mean, ‘I don’t know’?
– I’m invisible. –
Even to yourself?
– Yup. –
So how do you shave? Or dress?
(slighty uncomfortable)  – I … eh … –
Oh. … You mean, like a putto?
– If you like. Only taller. And wingless. Can we change the subject, please? –
Of course. Sorry to embarrass you.
– Shaving’s tricky, though. –
I bet. (giggles)  A shaving putto. – Er-hem. – OK, what have you got for me today?
– Well, I thought about some machine stitching. Some lines or random patterns. They should look fine on a piece of arty fabric like the hand-dyed cotton or the red and green print. –
I could use the graffiti pattern I found on a box in the street a while ago which I wanted to do forever.
– The blue lines and dots I turned your attention to? Great! –
You did?
– Yup. –

When I pulled the red and green print from my stash it turned out it was darker than I had remembered.

The hand-dyed cotton would have been a good alternative.

But then I found another piece from the decorator’s fabric pattern book which I think is the better choice. If I can ever manage to get the creases out.


6 thoughts on “How Do You Shave When You’re Invisible?

    • Sounds great. 🙂 I’ve got four or five large pieces of these fabrics. As they were expensive being hand-dyed, I hesitated to cut them up. I think I’ve got an article by Ricky Tims somewhere in the depths of The Boudoir in which he explains the technique. All I need to do now is to convince my sewing machine of sewing straight seams. She’s a moody little girl. 😉

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