The Next ‘But One’ Project

OK, I’ll give it another try. Hoping I will succeed this time. Last time I wanted to post about this project, I was interrupted by my friend Dave, the invisible muse.

I’ve got a collection of skeins of embroidery floss in my stash, either bought or given to me or inherited. Some time ago I bought a crafts magazine with various projects in it – knitting, crochet, cross stitch etc. I instantly loved the table runners with the beautiful cross stitched leaves. Small motifs, quickly made. So I thought.

Also still in my stash was a piece of fabric I had bought in a sale many, many years ago. It’s a narrow piece that would be perfect for a table runner. It looks like a heavy cotton muslin.

Why not combine the two?

My only problem is this: I love to arrange things in rows and columns. But with this project it would definitely look boring (too much work, either). So I’m thinking of scattering the motifs randomly across the fabric. This would be some kind of challenge for me.

Here’s the first finished motif, gingko leaves. Making the squares takes longer than I expected. But while working on it I had some ideas of changing the size or the design (positive/negative). I’m curious where this will take me.

Ha, no disturbance from my muse this time! By the way, where is  he?

(Dave calling from The Boudoir)  I’m organizing your embroidery floss. –

Holy mackerel! This sounds like trouble, faithful reader.


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