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Hello everyone! This is the German and her sometimes indeliberately funny English again. It’s been a while since my last post (well, actually there were two on one day – super bonus!). I wasn’t that busy at crafting during the last two weeks, only some occasional bits and pieces. Must be winter blues. Yes, I know it says ‘June’ on the calendar. Though. Worst spring since the beginning of mankind. Grotty.

OK, enough for the moaning. I’d like to tell you about my next project …
– Er-hem. –
– Er-hem. –
– Dave here. –
What are you doing here? (Now, faithful reader, you already know what’s next.)
– (cheerful) I’m here to inspire you. –
To inspire me. Ah. I was just about to tell my readers about my next project.
– Next but one. –
– Next but one. I’ve got something more important. –
And what can be more important than my next project then?
– Apps. –
– Exactly. –
But I haven’t got one of this mobile things. I’ve got no use for apps.
– (patiently) I’m talking of appliqué pieces, ‘apps’ in short. –
Oh, I see.
– All those little scraps of fabric in your various boxes. Cut them into small-scale squares and appliqué them in a grid layout. Like on one of this mobile things. –
Or like a collection of inchies.
– Inchies? –
Oh, something you haven’t heard of for a change? Fabric squares the size of an inch decorated with anything at hand and appliquéd to a background fabric.
– Hmm, sounds similar indeed. Never mind. You could cut them into different sizes then if you don’t want the grid look. –
What do you think about different shapes – squares, circles, triangles?
– Worth trying. An app is an app. –
What about embellishing?
– Why not? You’ve got a lot of stuff to choose from. It’s about time to use some of it. –

Here’s a first look at some quick choices. Happy snipping everyone!


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