The Freelancer

– Hello! Dave here. –
Here to inspire me.
– Exactly. –
Before you do so, I’d love to know something. Tell me, how did you come to me in the first place? Is there an organization or society or maybe something like a muse agency who sent you?
– No, it’s a guild. The Muses’ Guild. There’s only a limited number of members. If a person dies and their muse is no longer needed, they get assigned to a new person. The committee decides who will get a muse. In some very rare cases, when it turns out that people don’t deserve their muse, they are called back. Muses live much longer than people, but we are not immortal. Only if a muse dies, a new member is admitted into the Guild. We have to pass a complicated test, only the best get on the list of possible members. The others who passed the test are allowed to go freelance, though. –
And you …
– I passed. –
Oh, I see. A freelance muse. May I ask, is this your first job?
– Yes, it is. –
So you’re a kind of apprentice muse?
– If you want. –
That explains something.
– What do you mean? –
Nothing, forget it. How did you find me?
– You were on the Guild’s list of possible candidates. –
Or victims.
– What? –
Nothing. –

Are you one of the people who haven’t got a muse yet? I think it would be a great idea if you adopt one. As mentioned above, there are some freelancers available. You don’t have to pick someone like Dave, though. A normal one would do for a start.

– What? –

Oh, I almost forgot, what have you got for me today?
– Eh, I think, some sample pieces of decorative machine stitching. Using the batik swatches from Africa. –
Good idea.


2 thoughts on “The Freelancer

  1. I wish I had a machine that could do fancy stitches. Just straight and zig-zag for me I’m afraid! I have promised myself a batik project one day too. By the way, every time I read one of your posts and scroll down the page, Baseball Bat Man always catches my eye and makes me smile 😉

    • You can do small wonders just with straight and zigzag stitches.
      I bought the machine just for playing around, I didn’t want it for ‘sewing’. It’s a Pfaff Performance 2058, which was of course way too expensive. But it has a seahorse stitch pattern, which was the one and only reason not to buy the cheaper model. Yes, I’m mad. 😉
      I love my Batman. And he’s a real powerful protection. 🙂

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