This Site Is Muse-protected

This morning I was sitting in The Boudoir working on something from my vast collection of UFOs. I had put some of my favourite music into the CD player – The Ultimate Collection by the Brian Setzer Orchestra.
Suddenly I heard a familiar voice.
– Hi! Dave here! Hey, cool music. One of my favourites! (begins to sing along) –
I didn’t know you sing.
– Of course I do. I’m a muse! (sings on) –

‘If you keep on sinning
I’ll just take another pinning
You’re my Hoodoo Voodoo Doll’

– Which reminds me. Pinterest. Any news? –
Some deleted their entries after I contacted them. Then someone had the face to repin from my own account only minutes after I repinned my own work. That was one too many. I sent a copyright complaint to Pinterest straightaway. A long list, but it seems the pins and repins are all gone now.
– (disappointed) Oh. You know, I’ve had an idea. A Pinterest pincushion in the shape of a voodoo doll. With a swag bag. No need for one now, I suppose. –
Not at the moment, no. But if this issue comes up again, I’m ready as I wanted to make one anyway. And I told people that this site is muse-protected and this seems to work.
– He-he! – And off he goes.

Phew! Nothing’s worse than a bad-tempered muse.