U Is For – Unicorn?

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Recently I told you about my unfinished ‘Palimpsest’ piece. I have now finished the inital. Let’s see what Dave thinks about it.

Hello Dave! Are you there?
– Hi! Yes, I’m here. –
l’d like to show you the initial I made for ‘Palimpsest’. I made a little slideshow about the cross stitching progress for my faithful readers.
– Show me! Show me! (drops his baseball bat in excitement)
OUCH! That hurt.
– Oops. (cheerful) Sorry! –
(rubbing my head) You’re a hopeless case. Now look.
(he watches slideshow) That’s a ‘U’. Why a ‘U’? Why no ‘D’? Or even a ‘J’? –
Because I didn’t like them. Wrong style. The only letter in this alphabet that was distantly medieval was the ‘U’.
– Hm. –
I used a leftover scrap of 18ct Aida and the yarns we pulled out recently. Except for the pink one which I’ve changed for a light red one because it didn’t fit in. Need to wash and block it now. I’ll appliqué it then and see what I can do with the red lace. (noticing Dave being slightly distracted) Are you listening to me?
– Red lace. Hey, who’s that guy there on the left? Looks like he could be a colleague of mine! Hiya there! – *
This is strange. When I mentioned you for the first time on another blog of mine it was only a couple of days later when he appeared. I wonder if you had something to do with that.
– No, I hadn’t. Honestly. –

He’s probably right. This happens to me frequently. I’m thinking of on old song I haven’t heard for ages. A couple of days later it’s on the radio. Or something comes to my mind. I don’t know what it means at that moment. A few days later this reappears in a totally different context. I’m already used to that.


*Edit: There used to be a pic of DT with a baseball bat.