Still Liking Lichen

Among the pictures I took recently for my first lichen post, there also was this one.

❗ Oh yes, a patch of lichen would look great.

❓ This must be easy to make with a similar technique I used for my seaweeds.

💡 I had a ball of white lace weight yarn lying around, bought for another project . I made a sample using a 1.75 mm hook (slightly smaller than a US size 0 = 2 mm). As single crochets turned out being too heavy I used sling stitches instead for my next sample.

➡ Try this: Chain about 40 to 50, return making sling stitches into the last 6 chains. Chain 5, return with sling stitches, join with sling stitch to inital row of chains. Continue making 5 sling stitches into chain. Go on making little ‘arms’ alternating with sling stitches into chain until you reach the end of the chain. Make new chain etc.

Feel free to vary the number of stitches betweeen ‘arms’, make single ones or groups of two or three.
Does that make sense to you? I’m afraid I’m not the best tutor. Anyway, in the end it may look something like this – a proper patch of lichen. If not – Congratulations, you’ve just grown a new species!

I think I’m going to dye this with some diluted fabric paint to give it just the right colour. I could use it in a little 3D-project of more lichen. I’ve still got the variegated reds from my pink circle. Maybe I should even try to use some of my heavy #3 perle cotton for a sample? I’ve got various moss and lichen colours in my collection. They would make pretty new life forms.

Hold on. I think I hear someone coming. Oh no. Dave, my muse.
– Hi! It’s me! (excited) OH! Perle cotton! Have you ever thought of using this for a sample of lichen? –
Yes, just a few minutes ago. You’re late this time, my friend.
– Ah, never mind! I’ll come up with something else. –
No doubt about that, faithful reader.

The first sample looks promising, by the way.

(Another thanks to the lovely people at support who made the smilies work)