I’m Not Pinterested

I have been making some more ammonites. This is really fun, because they’re quickly made.

While I was busy arranging them onto the base fabric Dave, my muse, called.
– Hi! It’s me again. Ah, more ammonites. Wasn’t that a brilliant idea of mine? –
This was your idea?
– Of course. –
I see. Then maybe I should tell you that people obviously liked them so much that they re-posted them on other sites. Although they are for private and personal use only and copyrighted.
WHAT? (He said more. Lots more. Things that are unfit for printing.)
Calm down now. I’ve taken care of it.

My faithful readers know this already but those of you who are new to this site please take care. My muse is armed with a baseball bat. With which he sometimes even hits me. Indeliberately, of course. And that’s only when he’s not upset at all.

So you don’t really want to upset him, do you?

So. Pinterest. Concerning copyright issues, this is the worst I’ve seen so far. Oh yes, they’ve even got a copyright violation form. He-he. LOL. ROFL. They’d have to close themselves down if they took it seriously. But as someone is definitely making money from it … (Edit: I’m making use of the form. Every single time. And I do check the second square.)

You can’t even contact most of the users if you want to stop them to use your stuff.

If you’re interested in your work (and I know you are) there’s only one way to express it:


So, if you’re reading this and repinned and re-repinned my stuff: Delete the post. Everyone of you. Thank you.


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