The Disease Is Spreading

EDIT: This entry (from my old blog From The Boudoir) has been re-posted on Pinterest without my consent. Be aware that copyright exists on the pattern. This is meant for private use only. No exceptions.

So, if you’re reading this and repinned and re-repinned my stuff: Delete the post. Everyone of you. Thank you.

About a month ago I introduced you to my ammonite crochet pattern and the disease of crochetitis ammonitosa. It seems that it lasts a little longer than first expected. I’m still making them.

But I have changed the pattern slightly. Instead of 9 dcs into 6 stitches I’m now making 12 dcs into 6 stitches. I don’t need to stretch the ammonites quite as much as I had to before.

At a sale I had recently bought various balls of multicoloured sock wool. Maybe to make some corals. But now I’ve come up with a better idea. (Or was it Dave who did?) Why not make little ammonites? Lots of them. I’ve already got a cunning plan about them.

And I’m not the only one with a plan. A pen pal whom I recently had sent a picture wrote back that she’s got a plan, too.

What about you, faithful reader?



8 thoughts on “The Disease Is Spreading

  1. Hi, I’ve had to give up on this. I’ve only been blogging since December and within a couple of days my photos had been pinned and re-pinned, photo tutorials have been stolen and put up elsewhere. I did have a copyright on my entire blog but these people take no notice because they are thieves. Like I wrote in my post, it was like they came in the night and ran off with the goods! They couldn’t even be bothered to leave a comment to say they liked what they stole. To me, it is no better than shop-lifting. But to pass it off as your own is despicable. Pinterest absolves themselves of all responsibility. The terms and conditions which members sign up to clearly states that copyright issues are the member’s own responsibility. So, what am I doing from now on?…..putting patterns and tutorials on Etsy. This is a shame for all of the lovely people who legitimately enjoyed my creations on my blog but I feel so strongly about this. Feel free to delete this long comment if you wish 🙂 Avis (NO I’M NOT PINTERESTED EITHER)


    • Hi, Avis! I’ve contacted the first person who pinned it and she has deleted it. Unfortunately, there have been lots of repinnings from her site in the meantime. 😦 There’s a free copyright scanner on the net, maybe I should use that one? Or send Dave around? With his baseball bat? 😉 I could even create a new button ‘NOT PINTERESTED’. 🙂


      • I haven’t heard of copyright scanners ?? Might be a good move. Let me know how you get on. Good luck. One of my images was repinned 42 times within minutes!! We must be doing something good 😉


      • I’m one of the people who repinned the link to your nautilus pattern. Now that I know that there’s a big problem, I’m going to delete it, so I hope you know that at least some of us understand your concerns and take them seriously.


        • Hi Sue! Thank you for deleting the repin. I’ve already sent a copyright complaint to Pinterest. I don’t know if your pin is on the list. That was because I noticed people steal from my own Pinterest account only minutes after I’ve posted my own stuff despite a warning. Almost everything on Pinterest is stolen except for people’s own stuff. How can this be?


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