Threads Are Art, Don’t Discard

You’ve just finished a quilt or some other project. You’ve discarded lots of colourful thread snippets. Maybe you even have got a little bag for collecting them while sewing. And after finishing your work you simply throw them away.

You’ve just thrown away a work of art. This must never happen again.

To create a unique piece of art, you’ll need some water-soluble embroidery film. For the examples in this post I used Solvy Film (60µ) by Pfaff. Chose any brand you like, they’re all expensive.

I hope you’ve got an embroidery hoop that fits under your sewing machine without massive disassembling and reassembling your machine. No? I have neither. But I manage. Somehow.

You need to prepare a little sandwich of two layers of embroidery film with one layer of thread snippets inbetween. Put as much material as you like or have onto the bottom film layer and cover with another sheet of film. Pin the layers together and put them into your embroidery hoop (you don’t necessarily have to use one, it also works without one but may get tricky). Now sew across the snippet area densely enough that the threads don’t fall apart. You can use any kind of stitch – straight, zigzag, fancy or all of them. Finish by sewing around the edges a couple of times. Carefully wash away the embroidery film according to manufacturers directions. You’ve got some lacy piece of new fabric now.

Put the wet lace between a towel folded in half, pull into shape and gently press with your hands. Let dry in the air or iron dry.

This is a great project if you have some sewing threads in odd colours left that you won’t use anymore. Use them for sewing or cut them up and use them in the sandwich. Or use different colour thread in bobbin. Use some fancy knitting yarns or little bits of fabric in your sandwich, too. Be creative.

The finished lace can be used in other projects as well. Think greeting cards, book covers, art quilts.

Have fun!


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